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Monday, October 15, 2012

Food Truck Friday (on Sunday): That Food Truck

This wonderful food truck is being written about a little later than normal, because I got a case of food poisoning. Don't worry not from the food truck! I say this because I know you were, in fact wondering if that is where I got sick. No on the contrary this food truck was far from anything that would make you sick with anything other than delight! We sampled the squash fritters and the lazy chicken sandwich. Let's just say that the whole farm to fork thing they have going on over there is really working for them. Dan Kraus does all the butchering of the meat that they serve. Which made for a very yummy lazy chicken sandwich. Normally Kasey and I are not fans of mole sauce, but the black mole on our sandwich really made the whole thing come together. So yummy! The chicken was super tender and it all just worked so well together. Our squash fritters were the perfect fall side dish! Crispy on the outside and squashy goodness on the inside with a side sauce that made it even better, but I could not tell you what was in it. Overall it was a great fall meal!

 I am happy to say that we made friends with Dan and Steve and they are so cool that they have a website! thatfoodtruck.com.  Most food trucks don't so this going on so it is quite exciting!  They told us that they put this truck together themselves. So fun! So be on the look out Columbus these guys mean business! They are gain popularity in the foodie world!  They also have a blog, which is linked on the website. Check it and see what they got going on!


xoxo, Kasey & The Bliss Girls

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