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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The New Rules of Weddings.

Pink-and-Tan-wedding-Smitten8-650x866 photo courtesy of Red Gallery Photo

This post comes to you late on a Sunday night, not because of forgetfulness. No! But because it relates to this weeks new rule. The when. Say this was Labor day weekend I might just be getting back from a wedding.

Rule #3: The When For many years weddings have taken place on Saturday night, but it has always made the most sense out of town guests can come in on Friday and attend the wedding Saturday, then go home Sunday. Very logical and still is the most likely date for most. But now as previously stated time are changing. Friday night, Sunday brunch and Sunday are now fair game as wedding dates! There is also a logic behind them most times and it is this...

For Friday night that big ticket venue would be a little less expensive. If most of your guest are within a reasonable driving distance. Then this might be a good choice for you! It is all the Oo La La of the Saturday night wedding and it gives your guests their weekend still. Or if you do have out of town guests that stay, they get a few extra days to enjoy your fair city.

For the Sunday morning brunch. This is an awesome option for a budget first off , but also it is different and unconventional. It also lends itself to a more informal setting if that is something that you are looking for. It's just a causal affair with some nice food and good company. In my opinion it is also better for smaller guest counts.

For the Sunday night. This is a rare thing indeed, but I do believe it can be done! There is that random Monday once in a blue moon that everyone has off. Labor day being my example. This night will also most likely be very budget friendly!

 So there you have rule three. Don't be tied to what is considered "normal". Do what works for you and your guests!

Happy Planning!

 xoxo, Kasey & The Bliss Girls

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