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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wedding Skills Workshop: Attire Rescue Recap

Last Wednesday evening was our Attire Rescue Workshop at La Jeune Mariee in Worthington. Since this was a very hands on workshop we divided into groups and worked through our various topics in stations.

Our first station was Menswear - David from Astor and Black was kind enough to teach us how to tie bow ties, fold pocket squares and tie straight ties as well. Turns out tying bow ties on someone else as easy as tying your shoe!

L: David, Sarah, Nichole and Dalyn learning to tie a Windsor Knot
M: Lucretia tying a bowtie on Quenetta
R: Sarah learning to tie a bowtie on Dalyn - don’t you love her expression in that picture?

Our second station was Sewing - Peg, one of La Jeune Mariee’s seamstresses, taught everyone us how to fix a hem in a pinch and how to stitch up a faulty zipper.

L: Kitty learning to fix a zipper
R: I love this picture - I think Shannon surprised Quenetta mid-stitch!

Our third station was Bustles and Corsets - Emilie and Kasey from Wedding Skills Workshop and Lindsay from La Jeune Mariee taught everyone how to bustle a gown, how to fix a torn out bustle and the correct way to lace a corset dress.

L to R: Nina and Sarah learning to fix a bustle from Kasey

After everyone had rotated through the various stations, we regrouped and discussed stain removal. Lindsay also gave us some tips about bustling veils so brides can wear the veil rather than removing it for the reception. We also passed out our emergency kit which was full of sewing, stain removal and attire goodies.

A big thank you, once again, to Linsday for hosting us, David and Peg for being great teachers and to Shannon Sano, our official photographer for this workshop! Another huge thank you to all the people who attended and learned with us - we hope that you got as much out of the workshop as we did!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed this one! The week after you had this workshop we had a bridesmaid who's zipper split while getting ready. Good thing someone was there who could fix it. I'll be sure to go to all your workshops from now on. Karma. Right!?!

Shelby O'Connell said...

What an awesome workshop! I'd love to find one near me!

Bliss Weddings & Events said...

Amy - don't worry we are planning to offer this workshop again later this year so you can catch it then!

Shelby - we're planning on taking Wedding Skills Workshops on the road sometime next year. Stay tuned for cities and dates. Where are you located?

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