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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The New Rules of Weddings.

photo by Lang Thomas

So with 2013 already what feels like in full swing. We the Bliss girls wanted to spend the month of January talking about what we believe are the new rules of weddings. A lot has changed in the last 50 years as general note, but also in wedding world. Nothing is set in stone and your wedding day can truly be just as you imangined it to be.

New Rule #1: The sides of the bridal party do NOT have to be even!

Who is in the bridal party?  Long gone are the days of five and five where your sister ALWAYS is your maid of honor.  Now that is not to say that she can't or shouldn't be, but everyone is different. There are also no laws anywhere that say you need to have the exact same number of groomsmen as bridesmaids. Because it's the worst when you have to add your fiance's 2nd cousin because you need another girl standing up there to keep things looking even.

You don't.

Don't feel like you have to have all of these people standing up there, the two simple questions you will need to ask yourself is:

"Who do I want to stand up for me?"
"Who are the people that know me as an individual and us as a couple?"

When you answer those questions you see that the answer is right in front of you!  Those are people that you can't imagine your day without. Those are the people who should be in the bridal party and if that means you have four and he has three then it's ok. Because numbers aren't everything.

Kasey & The Bliss Girls

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