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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Look Back at 2012: Interns Reflections

Well the end of the year has come and it is time for us the interns to tell you our favorite moments and decor items of the year the year were! We are not seasoned professionals, but we know what we like so we are taking a shot at predicting what the upcoming trends for the new year will be. So I will step up to the plate first. My name is Maggie Apel and I have been working with Kasey since June and had the chance to see many bea-u-tiful weddings! There are two things that stick out in my mind as things that I loved. This moment.


The light was just right the wind was bowling her veil without someone holding it up out of the shot. Second I am a bit of a flower freak and there have been two Oh So Lovely weddings that have had just wonderful flowers (not that the other were not)! Flowers on Orchard Lane really knows what they are doing!

dick+elise063                                                        Photo curtosey of Lang Thomas

As for trends. Well I think that the same day edit will become more popular. Because it is all the best parts of the day for you to see and the bride and groom get to see each other getting ready for the big day and there is just something downright fun about getting to watch your whole wedding day over again in under ten minutes! Also when it comes to colors say hello to naturals with pops of jewel tones! Much like the trends in the fashion world of a neon paired with a neutral. The wedding world is ready to accept this trend with open arms. Sans neon part because that's just crazy.

Paige Endicott has been working with Kasey just about as long as I have (she started in April)! But have no worries we each found different things to love about the weddings we have seen. Her favorite thing from this year was the BEAUTIFUL Sperry Tent from Sean and Stephanie's wedding, need I say more??


As far as trends for next year she thinks that Luxe Vintage will be a big decor theme for 2013. For example, as a table setting there would be an assortment of antique sterling silver candelabras and candle holders, and antique jars along with linens that contains a lot of texture such as lace. "I love when centerpieces are not all identical! There is something about an eclectic mix of decor that I find to be very beautiful and charming!" She exclaimed to me as she was excitedly talking about this trend making its way onto the scene.

Ann Ankenbauer has been work for Kasey for a year in January (woo)!  Her favorite thing that she saw this year was at one of our Oh So Lovely weddings. Haley and Ollie. There story is one for the storybooks! They met in South Sudan while working to empower girls there. The live in England now, but having just seen them at the wedding of her best friend I am excited to say that they get to go back to the place they fell in love to help those same girls! So this precious moment on the hay bale a beautiful picture of a beautiful couple! Any bride who is willing to climb up on a hay bale with her groom is awesome in my book!

jlp [haley + ollie]-152 copy                                                        Photo courtesy of Jessica Love

A trend that I see coming up in the new year is that brides are going to be taking some bold risks with their neckwear! Statement necklace have just been for the bold of heart, most girls don't think that they can pull them off. But have no fear...you can! It is your day and you most can definitely pull them off!

Wishing you the happiest of New Years!

xoxo, The Interns (Maggie, Paige and Anna)

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