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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pinterest - A Simple Getting Started Pinning Guide

Haley is one of our awesome 2012 Interns and she wanted to share a blog post on Pinterest - her (and everyone else) latest obsessions!  

haley pinterest page

You just joined Pinterest and still have empty boards?  Are you getting the daily “so and so is following your Pinterest” emails, thinking, “Well, I never update anything. Sorry followers.” I sure was, until I finally opened myself up to the fascinating realm of Pinterest.  Here is how I got my Pinterest board flowing:

1.     First, I browsed my friends’ boards.  I went to Kasey’s, immediately became obsessed with everything on her Crafty board, and began repinning away.
2.     After seeing some of Kasey’s pins, I noticed that she had repinned pictures from Emilie Duncan’s boards.  I then explored her boards and started repinning my favorites.
3.     Eventually I felt comfortable enough to begin uploading my own pictures that I felt people would like to see. Pictures from my trips to the Austrian Alps and Prague, for instance, made great pins!
4.     Finally, I became a Pinterest expert, repinning, uploading, and liking my friends,’ followers,’ and everyone’s pins alike.

My board began with nothing and evolved into this in just a few days: http://pinterest.com/moorehaley1/.  So take a look, repin what you like, and realize that you have amazing pictures and inspirations to share with the world too. 

xo Haley

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