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Friday, February 10, 2012

Casting Call: Randy To The Rescue is coming to Ohio!

Do you dream of walking down the aisle with the help of New York City’s premiere bridal expert but your budget doesn’t include a trip to the big apple? Never fear! It’s Randy to the Rescue!

For the first time ever, TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress fashion expert (and resident “FOB” – friend-of-the-bride) Randy, is heading off the floor ofKleinfeld and behind the wheel of a big rig – to bring his favorite gowns, his unsurpassed dress knowledge, and his signature “head-to-hem” styling approach to you!

If you love TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress and live in Ohio, now is your chance. Email randytotherescue@gmail.com with your name, age, location, and wedding date ASAP.

Randy will be in Cincinnati on March 18th, so don't waste anytime!  Casting will be coming to a close shortly, Best of luck!   

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Nicole Coldren said...

UGH. I missed it :( Well im a mom of 8 kids. My fiance and I have been together for 8 yrs now. We just have such a rough time trying to pay for a wedding because our kids come first! Of course. We are very much in love and have been engaged for almost 3 yrs now. We are definitely ready, but we cant afford to take away from the kids for ourselves. This is my dream, to marry this man. We have 4 other parents that should be involved with out kids that are not. We try to get help from them, they wont. I was diagnosed with a brain disease about 8 yrs ago, and I have had a terrible time since. Before my fiance Shawn, My dad was my #1 support. He passed away 6 yrs ago on July 31st. I have been through hell and high water to try my best to make "our" children's lives as rich and their minds as nourished as possible, because we do have a "his, hers and ours" situation and we work together as the only "mommy and daddy" they have. My parents both are passed away and his dad is and his mother is inactive due to her own "personal" issues. I NEED THIS!! So bad. I cant believe I missed the casting call for Ohio!! Will he be coming back, will there be anything else I can do? Please help me!! Thanks and many blessings, Over worked mommy of 8!

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