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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Wedding: the Dress

The big royal wedding question everyone is talking about is what will Kate Middleton's dress look like?   The second most asked question I've seen has been will Kate wear a tiara?

I think Kate has been faced with a tough decision.  Does she stick to tradition and go with the heavier, more conservative dress with sleeves and giant train?  Or does she stay true to herself and choose a more modern gown that is a little less frilly and maybe (do I even say this) sleeveless?

I think she'll have a combination of both.  I am in love with this Priscilla of Boston dress below.  I think it can be embellished and personalized  (as most royals have done with thier gowns) and have a long train added, but accessoriezed in a more contemporary way.  She could add sheer sleeve/top to a gown design like this.  Also, I think she'll choose a more sheer veil without the heavy lace work. I could also see it embellished with beautiful crystals for added sparkle.   A larger necklace would also look great.  For the record, I I think she'll wear a small tiara. Not quite as large a Princess Diana wore on her wedding day, but something with a little sparkle to balance out the look.

Royal Wedding Dress - priscilla of boston gown

Here's a look back at a few other famous royal wedding gowns...

Queen Elizabeth, 1946
Royal Wedding Dress - Elizabeth.2

Princess Grace of Monaco, 1956
royal wedding dress - grace

Princess Diana, 1981
Princess Diana's Wedding dress, 1981

Sarah Ferguson - Dutchess of York, 1986
royal wedding dress - sarah

Princess Victoria of Sweden, 2010
royal wedding dress - victoria

What do you think Kate's dress will look like? Do you think she'll be wearing a tiara?

1 comment:

saundra, event engineer said...

It will not be strapless. Can't do that in the Westminster Abby.....

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