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Monday, March 2, 2009

Interviewing A Wedding Planner: The Questions You Should Be Asking

I thought this was one of the best interview lists I've seen around, so I thought I'd share them with you. These interview questions are from my friend Kelly, who owns Weddings By Socialites in Cape Coral, FL. I also added a couple that I feel are important enough to be included in this list.

There are quite a few people out there today who claim to be "wedding planners" or "wedding coordinators", so interviews like this and face to face are crucial in ensuring the person you are considering is a true professional and can make your wedding wishes and desires a reality on wedding day.

1. Is wedding planning your only job?

2. How many clients do you have right now?

3. How many weddings have you planned and executed in the last 24 months?

4. How many weddings have you coordinated (wedding day coordination)in the last 24 months?

5. Who were the last 4 photographers you worked with?

6. What venues have you worked at in the last 6 months?

7. Can I get a recommendation from one of your last 4 full service clients?

8. Can I get a recommendation from one of your last 4 coordination clients?

9. Where can I see samples of your creative or design work? And are all the pictures on your website weddings that you planned?

10. Are contracts with vendors with my name or yours?

11. Do you only work with select vendors or at select locations?

12. Have you ever worked for the venues you now plan weddings at?

13. Do you accept any kick-backs or commissions?

14. Do you offer invitation etiquette assistance?

15. Can I order any products from you, such as linens, invitations, and chairs?

16. How quickly can I expect replies to phone calls and emails?

17. Do you have assistants that will be helping at my wedding day? How many?

18. Will you be on site the entire length of my wedding day?

19. Are your rates negotiable?

20. Did you receive any type of training to be come a wedding/event planner?

21. What happens if you are sick and/or unable to be there for the wedding?

Tomorrow - you'll see my answers to these questions!

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