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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

PSA - Rental Items, DIY projects, etc.

Since we're at the start of the wedding season I thought I'd share a few insights, thoughts and tips with you that were inspired by a few experiences these past several weeks.

1. DO pay your florist to deliver your flowers. Having friends or family members pick them up and deliver them is not a good idea. They are 100% responsible if something happens in transit and the florist may or may not be willing/have time/have resources to fix any issues at that point. It is worth the $50 or $75 to know that a professional is handling your flowers the entire time and doesn't need Map Quest directions to get to and from the flower shop.

2. DO pay for your cake baker to come back and pick up the very pretty (and expensive to replace) cake pedestal and cake items (board, dowel rods, etc). At the end of the night you should not be asking for volunteers to return this item. If your planner offers this return service, you may want to take advantage of it. It will be worth the $50 or so for it to be taken care of.

3. DO allow your planner to arrange for your rental items (if they offer this service). Trust me - It is 100% worth it. You will not be running around picking up random rental items the day before the wedding and schlepping them from the car to the catering office at the hotel or venue. Also, generally included in this service is the return of the rental items. Again, looking/asking for volunteers at the end of the night is not recommended. This is a service that I offer and we handle the ordering, delivery/return and in some cases set up and tear down of these items at the venue. Why worry when you don't have to - that's why you hired a planner remember?!

4. DON'T overextend yourself with DIY projects. I know you see a lot of great DIY projects that other brides on the Knot have done and turned out great but there are a few things you need to consider before committing to DIYing every element of your wedding. Don't get me wrong - I am all for DIY projects - but you have to be realistic about the project's scope, your abilities to actually do the project and the amount of time you have to complete it in. A big reason why people want to DIY a project is to save on cost but what I don't think they actually factor in is their time and what that can cost them. Most DIY projects started as a way to recreate something a professional has done, so keep that in mind when picking your projects. One or two is good - but not seven of them.

5. DO consider your guest list when scheduling the timing of your reception. If your crowd is not the big party group scheduling your reception to end at midnight is probably not the best decision to make. You'll be wasting a lot of money on keeping the bar open, the amount of hours your DJ is there and catering staff. If most of your guests are realistically going to be gone by 10pm - then end the reception at 10pm. There is NOTHING wrong with that. There is no rule that your reception has to end at midnight. Even if this is what you really want, be realistic with yourself and save a little bit of money in doing so.

6. DO consider pictures before the ceremony with your fiance. This is one of the most special days of your lives and you are going to spend most of it apart. Forget that I can't see you before the wedding notion. The first time you see each other that day will still be SPECIAL and a moment you'll never forget. You'll actually get to hug and kiss and speak to each other. When you see each other for the first time at the ceremony - no kissing, no hugging, no talking. That's just NO fun! With pictures completed you can actually enjoy your cocktail hour and spend some more time with the special people you invited to share the day with you. This also eliminates the need for a receiving line and visiting tables at the reception.

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Flowersbyfarha said...

Hi! Yes, I found you on Twitter.

As someone working my way into the wedding industry, I appreciate learning more about current wedding planning and idea. As mom of groom-to-be, I REALLY appreciate blog posts like this and enjoyed looking at your new website, too!

I had a folkdance wedding in a park and was too "independent" to involve family in the planning. Though friends did help with some aspects, when it came down to the day, it sure would have been nice to have a "stage manager" so I could just be the "diva." :-)

Can't believe how expensive weddings are these days, but you are so right-- it's worth budgeting for having the vendors do the deliveries and pickups and a planner to help oversee it all.

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