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Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Feet

No, not the movie with the penguins. Although I will admit that I watch this movie quite a bit because Greyson (my 18 month old) loves it and dances away...it's hysterical to watch him.

Anyways, I was doing my blogs stalking and Liene at Blue Orchid Designs was talking about comfortable wedding shoes. It got me thinking...I've seen so many brides find the cutest shoes (all with at least a 3" heel) and their feet are killing them by the time the ceremony starts. So they end up taking their shoes off immediately after entering the reception and now their dress is 3" too long and stepping on it all night. It's a shame actually to see their gorgeous dresses get trampled.

So if you want to avoid this common problem on your wedding day, maybe check out the shoes at London Sole. They are uber stylish ballet flats that just look great. I'm so tempted to buy a pair and test them out. I'm sure Shawn (my hubby) will be thrilled that I've bought yet another pair of shoes!


Derek said...

Kasey!!!! I am so excited. As you know I am 5"11 and wear a size 11 shoe. London Sole not only has a beautiful selection of shoes, they also cater to us with big feet. I will be in NYC in July to fit my gown and London Sole here I come. Thank you so much for sharing this store with us!

P.s. I have to have the sexy heel on my wedding day. My maids want height... but they want these shoes to wear to work.


Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

after switching off between three pairs of flats at a wedding this past weekend, I am ready to give these a test run myself! hopefully they'll be a good solution for planners too! :)

christine@wishpot said...

Ballet Flats are so fun! And if you are like me and like dancing... these are the way to go!

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