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Friday, March 28, 2008

A Funny for Friday...

So it's Friday and it's still cold and grey outside. I am ready for some sun and warm weather...I'd be okay with 50 degrees at this point! I was thinking about all of my friends and family who are off traveling the globe on spring break and it reminded me of one of my Daily Candy emails from a while back.

For those of you who are not familiar with Daily Candy it's one of my favorite things ever. Those girls at DC do an awesome job everyday with thier super fabulous tips on what's hot around the world. This is from thier Travel Lexicon series. I hope you get a little laugh out of it and can relate to a few of them. Enjoy!

arm restle n. the ongoing battle waged with your seatmate over the middle armrest. Maneuvers include elbogarting (slow advance of the elbow to gain ground) and recline and conquer (capturing the armrest during feigned or actual sleep).

flight dependent n. neighboring passenger who, flying solo, turns to you in search of company/a drinking partner/a date.

gabbin pressure n. sense of obligation to chat to the passenger next to you during a flight. (“I’m just recovering from gabbin pressure — I sat next to a real flight dependent.”)

John the Laptist n. the guy in front of you who reclines his seat until his head is in your lap.

mathzheimer’s n. the inability to calculate a foreign exchange rate without elaborate financial and/or tech support.

touron n. tourist + moron. (“Don’t even bother with the Louvre on a Saturday. It’s overrun with tourons.”)

travelanche n. the state of affairs when one little thing goes wrong and then everything snowballs toward disaster. (“It started as a minor delay in Seattle and ended up a full-blown travelanche involving lost luggage, bad airport food, and dire intestinal consequences.”)

U.S.O. n. unidentified stained object; mysterious mark on hotel carpet or bedding. (“Alexis refuses to stay at subpar hotels due to her intense fear of U.S.O.’s.”)

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